Trainer Blog: RapidScope support for Dynamics ERP

The plan for this week was to support the Director of Training and Development with a RapidScope® for a London based department store. This was a slightly different scoping activity as the client are already live with Dynamics AX 2012 and wanted assistance with business as usual training. We had previously scoped and developed content for the client a few years back, however they have undergone a lot of customisation since, and had not reflected these updates in the training material.

We met with the project manager to discuss the goals of the training and to understand the project background. We then spent the remainder the week meeting with the workstream leads to understand the content, audience, changes to the system, and what needed to be captured.

I really enjoy these scoping activities as you get exposure to the business as a whole and get to understand how the client have implemented the system to meet their unique business needs. Added bonus this week as I got to spend most of it surrounded by luxury goods – shame I couldn’t take them home with me.

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