SAP ERP roadmap: Remain on-premise or reach for the Cloud

In May 2018, SAP confirmed that ECC6 ERP clients would continue to be supported until 2025. With six years left, it remains unclear as to whether SAP will completely cut support to their long-standing industry-leading ERP applications.

As it currently stands, if businesses using on-premise SAP ECC6 tools opt against moving to the Cloud and implementing SAP S/4HANA, they will be unsupported by SAP. As the 2025 deadline support date looms, tens of thousands of businesses are left deciding whether to stick or twist.

Existing ECC6 users have three options:

  1. Upgrade to the Cloud-based SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  2. Remain unsupported using SAP ECC6 ERP
  3. Transition to a brand-new ERP application

The good news is, Optimum is here to support all three of these:

  1. We’ve supported a wide range of global organisations with bespoke SAP S/4HANA training programmes. Visually, S/4HANA and ECC6 are very different systems, meaning the user adoption phase will be paramount to the success of this transition.
  2. If you opt to remain using ECC6, we’re still available to help with the on-boarding of new users. We regularly provide business-as-usual SAP end-user training solutions to businesses across the globe, and will continue to do so going forward.
  3. Finally, we’re also available to support any new ERP implementation. Since 1998, we’ve supported 600+ ERP training projects, spanning 40+ business systems. So, whichever application you opt to implement, we’re ready to help support your end-user training phase.

One thing is for sure, Cloud-based applications are revolutionising the ERP market. Whether all existing SAP clients will embrace the revolution is still unclear, but for now, the 2025 support deadline is quite real.

Click here to read more about our SAP S/4HANA training solutions.

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