Financial Services training solutions

Financial Services training solutions

Your end users deserve job-specific training solutions which will help them achieve the maximum benefit from the new system.


Having supported nearly 40 different financial services businesses, Optimum has the experience to provide you with an unparalleled end-user training programme for any business system. These include finance, HR/payroll, CRM and business-wide ERP systems, as well as industry-specific client, wealth and portfolio management, core banking and insurance systems.

Benefits of using Optimum

Benefits of Optimum

Designed for you

A bespoke programme developed using your specific build and business processes, delivered by us or you.

Benefits of Optimum

Flexible offering

Flexibility to cherry pick which training modules are developed in-house and which to outsource.

Benefits of Optimum

Fully-prepared staff

A confident, competent workforce, ready for go-live, maximising the return on investment.

Benefits of Optimum

Greater focus

Time for your project team to focus its attention elsewhere during the busy pre-go-live period.

Tailored role-based training for your users

Your end-user training programme must be targeted so the right content is being trained to the right audiences. The financial services industry is in a state of constant change. This is due to multiple factors including technology advancement ensuring the astute customer has their online requirements met, meeting regulatory compliance standards or reacting to unplanned events. The ERP solution adopted by this sector must be flexible to meet the needs of a changing landscape. Some typical audiences and challenges are captured in the workstreams below.

Financial planners, financial analysts, financial advisors

Training for these audiences should be short (no longer than 0.5 day) with the option to attend follow-up surgeries/workshops should they wish.

The training should sell the advantages of the ERP solution and not be seen as a tool to hinder the service of financial planning/advice.

Tax advisors, tax managers, tax accountancy trainees

This audience will often have light-touch requirements and will have a need for the general functionality across all employees such as requesting leave, entering expenses and raising purchase requisitions. eLearning would be useful for this audience.

Their ERP requirement will be specialised and focus on interrogating transactional data to ensure all tax regulatory submissions can be made. For some tax teams, this is provided in the form of reference material only.

Mortgage advisors, mortgage administrators, product research assistants

Training for any advisory role must be short and focussed. It should provide a high-level overview of entire processes so the delegate understands the different roles/departments involved.

A blended style of learning will suit these audiences, providing them with classroom, eLearning and live sessions online.

Pension consultants, pension administrators, pension trainees

Training for this group should be modular and enable the learner to complete this at their convenience rather than locking them in to a scheduled classroom training session.

This could be in the form of eLearning or self-teach materials.

Management accountants, finance assistants, treasurers

Timing for the training of finance users is paramount and cannot disrupt their end of month/quarter commitments. Your training programme should train on a build which will be familiar to the audience when they go live, introducing walkthroughs using your COA, approval hierarchy and data.

Classroom training is popular with these audiences, however, if the audiences are overseas, modular delivery across WebEx/Skype can be delivered in shorter durations.

HR administrators, HR business partners, line managers

HR works closely with the departmental administrators as well as recruitment. Their core system users are normally the HR administrators who will require hands-on training so they are competent for go live.

Users such as business partners and line manager approvers will not require classroom training but a short session on the core benefits, their role in the process and the functionality they are required to use.

Industry systems we have worked with



WDX – Wealth Dynamix

Oracle Cloud ERP

Unit4 ERP



MHR iTrent

SAP SuccessFactors

Sitecore CMS

Oracle HCM Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics CRM



An unrivalled choice of training methods

We design bespoke training programmes which meet the diverse needs of the different user groups. This means having a variety of supporting materials and delivery methods which engage end users with timely, relevant content so they retain the information.

A few comments from our clients...

“I would definitely recommend Optimum to other suppliers. They took an extremely professional approach and also were very flexible when we needed them to be which for us was really important.”


Michael Stead Customer experience manager

“The advantages of working with a specialist training consultancy in creating the eLearning were that they challenged our approach at times and made us think about our user training earlier in the project.”


Stephen Robinson Project manager

“Optimum knew the system so well they were able to develop a structured programme, tailored to our precise needs, within a few days. Feedback from the users on the quality and usefulness of the training was very good.”


Tom Lynch Divisional director of finance

Since 1998, we’ve worked with…

financial services organisations
financial services organisations

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