Understanding our RapidScope Service

Whitepaper by:Nicky Cortes
Director of Training and Development

“A RapidScope exercise is a speedy and efficient way to roadmap the end-user training requirements for your audience. It’s a standalone service, so once you’ve received the report, if you want to implement it yourself, you can go ahead and do so.”

What does it involve?

It involves one of our senior consultants coming onto the client site to interview the subject matter experts. We’ll find out both the end-user functionality and the business processes that need to be relayed to the end user.

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When should it take place?

It should take place when your business processes are approximately 80-85% complete. We don’t need access to your system build, but we do need to be speaking to people that know the new world and those new processes.

How long does it take?

The RapidScope exercise takes anywhere between 2-10 days depending on the complexity of your project. Typically, half of this time is spent on site, conducting the short meetings and reviewing any collateral or documentation available for project, and then the latter half is spent pulling together that report and the recommendations for your training programme.

What is the value of this exercise?

The report answers questions such as who, what, why, where and when for your end-user community. It provides you with a suite of detailed outlines identifying the target audiences, the topics to be trained and also the style of delivery as well.

Summarise what a RapidScope offers…

In summary, planning and scoping training can take weeks, and sometimes months if done internally. Our clients are impressed at the speed at which we can conduct the RapidScope and that’s made possible because of our sector and systems knowledge, our business process experience and our training knowhow.

Here is what our client think…

“An Optimum training lead initially came in to do a RapidScope which was around really understanding the training needs across our business to deliver Project Reboot. This was an incredibly well executed piece of work which put us in such great shape to deliver a really successful training programme.”
Amanda Fishburn, Dr. Martens


Optimum can provide bespoke end-user training programmes for any business system, including ERP, CRM, Finance, HR and Bespoke. Get in touch to learn how we can help design, develop and/or deliver your training programme.

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