Understanding Optimum’s Remote Training Model

Whitepaper by:Joanne Harrison
Director of Sales

Optimum has extensive knowledge of training ERP systems, having supported over 500 complex implementations and upgrades across multiple global locations including North America.

As a UK-based training specialist, we have designed a highly cost-effective, flexible, worldwide service which minimises the need for overseas travel.

How it works

We provide a range of ERP training services to fit any scenario. Our highly experienced training consultants can design and develop a robust, tailored end-user training programme and materials, or provide a training solution to help you build internal training capability.

Remote Training ERP CTA

Because of our detailed knowledge of various ERP systems, we have the training templates and basic documentation in place from which we can develop a truly customised programme in a third of the usual time. To minimise the need for overseas travel, we begin with initial meetings and knowledge transfer sessions taking place at the client’s site, and any follow up communication is conducted by email and remote conference calls, adjusting our UK working hours to cater for any time differences. This is a proven methodology which has provided many of our North American clients with a very successful outcome.

“I felt comfortable with Optimum’s remote model because they had done it successfully for other major companies in the US. Their references were phenomenal and it proved to be a very cost effective and efficient way of working.” Nathan Herndon – Leggett & Platt

“We had absolutely no reservations about using Optimum’s remote model because we’re a global firm that likes to utilise global expertise.” Joseph Calabrese – Kodak Alaris

Optimum can provide bespoke ERP end-user training programmes for any ERP system, to any business, in any location. Click here to find out more about our services.


An effective training program is key to the success of your ERP system implementation.

Contact us today to ensure a successful roll out.


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