Building Internal Training Capability – How can Optimum Help?

Whitepaper by:Joanne Harrison
Director of Sales

Optimum helps organisations to build internal capabilities for training by equipping identified internal super users with the right delivery skills, tools and role-based process knowledge to ensure effective training delivery.

Super users usually have technical knowledge, but often lack the expertise to teach other users how to learn new processes. They may also have little time outside of their day job to develop the tailored training materials for each role-based course. This is where our training consultants can draw upon their specialist skills to equip your super users for current and future system implementations and upgrades.


Why chose Optimum?

Our training consultants are highly skilled and experienced in providing super users with the knowledge and skills to deliver effective user training. They also have vast experience developing training programmes for a variety of different business systems.

We help organisations to build internal capability which will support business-as-usual training. All training materials developed by Optimum can be easily managed and updated by your internal teams when processes change occur, thereby providing value for the lifetime of your system.

Our expertise lies in delivering user focused, role-based training, so we can recommend a suitable solution with a mixture of internal resources from the business and our experienced Training Consultants and then create a training programme relevant to the skill set of your identified Super Users.

How can we help?

To help ensure your super users are confident and well equipped to take part in the training programme, various courses and workshops are available:

  • Skill the Trainer classroom course covering topics such as presentation skills, using training aids, questioning techniques, learning styles, managing delegates, body language, course structure and coaching skills
  • Support in developing customised course materials such as lesson plans, reference guides and quick cards
  • Workshop demonstrating ways to effectively include role-based business processes and workflows into courses
  • Workshop covering tips and tricks when developing eLearning – both passive and interactive


Optimum can provide bespoke ERP end-user training programmes for any ERP system, to any business, in any location. Click here to find out more about our services.


Want to ensure your ERP systems success in the long term?

Get in touch today to equip your super users for current and future system implementations and upgrades.


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