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Our Microsoft PowerPoint courses

Our Microsoft PowerPoint courses are broken down into flexible chunks, as outlined in the tabs below. These courses are offered on a closed-basis for your employees only, enabling us to tailor the content to your requirements.

They're held at a time and date to suit your needs, in any location of your choice.

This is for new PowerPoint users.


This task-based, hands-on course is suitable for new users of PowerPoint who want to create effective presentations incorporating text, illustrations, tables and graphs.


1 Day


You need to have basic Windows skills, including being able to save and retrieve documents, copy and move information, and be confident with a keyboard and mouse.


  • Create, save and amend a presentation
  • Create slides using text, drawings, charts and graphs
  • Apply designs using built-in templates
  • Print slides, notes and handouts.


Getting started:
Starting PowerPoint; understanding the PowerPoint command bars and menus; common tasks bar; applying and customising different views; different ways to get help.

Working with text:
Selecting a slide layout; using placeholders; free-form text; adding, removing and modifying bullets and numbering; controlling layout with line spacing and text anchors; formatting techniques; indents and spacing; moving text around; using outline view to map out a presentation.

Proofing tools:
Automatic error detection and correction; controlling AutoCorrect; using and controlling spell check as you work; checking for presentation consistency with Style Check.

Navigation techniques:
Moving quickly from slide to slide; using outline view or slide sorter to modify the running order of a presentation.

Drawings and graphics:
Different techniques to create tabular layouts; inserting and modifying a table; adding borders and shading to a table.

Design templates:
Selecting a built-in design template; creating and modifying a colour scheme; modifying slide masters with text, drawings or pictures; creating and using a presentation template.

Graphs and charts:
Creating various types of charts; enhancing charts with colour, textures and pictures; inserting and modifying an organisation chart.

Printing a presentation; choosing colour or black and white output; printing speaker’s notes and handouts.


This is for more experienced PowerPoint users.


This course is specifically designed for experienced users to explore the full potential of PowerPoint. There will be time for delegates to raise questions relating to their own presentations.


1 Day


To attend this course you must be able to create, save and amend a presentation; create agenda and summary slides; apply designs using built-in templates; print slides, notes and handouts.


  • Incorporate data from Office applications into a presentation
  • Design and modify presentation templates
  • Define transitions and animations for multimedia presentations
  • Create agenda and summary slides
  • Create interactive presentations using action buttons and hyperlinks
  • Use PowerPoint to create and publish web pages
  • Customise toolbars and default settings


PowerPoint Level 1 review:
A short review of presentation techniques: working with text: drawing techniques and effects: charts and graphs: applying design templates.

Working with other applications:
Importing an outline from Word: exporting a presentation to a Word document: using Excel data to create charts: embedding charts from Excel.

Design templates:
Creating and using slide and title masters; designing a slide colour scheme and background; converting a presentation into a template.

Special techniques:
Creating an agenda and summary slide; using action buttons to navigate through a presentation; using Slide Finder; inserting hyperlinks to other slides; settings for an interactive presentation.

Slide shows:
Preparing a slideshow; using animation and build effects; animating objects and charts; using sounds; setting timings; rehearsing a presentation; running an on-screen presentation without PowerPoint.

PowerPoint and Internet:
Saving a presentation as HTML; creating a web page from a Kiosk presentation; using the Internet Assistant and Animation Player.

Customising PowerPoint:
Setting preferences and file locations; customising command bars; automating tasks with macros.


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