Training for a top European law firm

Training for a top European law firm

LexisOne - powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365

RapidScope®Planning & designing your training
Reference GuidesComprehensive end-user manuals
Trainer PacksLesson plans for consistent delivery
Quick CardsDouble-sided simple process cards
eLearningFour interactive and passive eLearning options
Skill the TrainerPrepare internal team for delivery
Classroom DeliveryHands-on training sessions
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Project overview
  • ERP implementation to replace a large variety of legacy systems.
  • Fieldfisher selected LexisOne, an integrated ERP solution for the legal profession underpinned by Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.
  • Deliverables created for Accounts, Billing, Data analytics, Human resources and Self-service workstreams.
  • Shortage of capacity meant Optimum took over delivering some of the classroom sessions as well as super user training.

Fieldfisher, a leading European law firm, turned to IT training specialists Optimum to design a global user training programme for its new practice management system, LexisOne.

The company, which has 1000 employees in Europe, China and the US, was replacing a range of financial, management and HR legacy systems with LexisOne, an integrated ERP solution for the legal profession powered by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations ERP platform.

The UK, Amsterdam and Silicon Valley offices would be first to go live with the system being rolled out to the rest of Europe during 2018. Fieldfisher estimates the new system will deliver cost savings of more than £1.75m over five years.

Optimum was called in to supplement and support Fieldfisher’s internal training team, which realised as go live approached that it needed more resource and specialist expertise to create and deliver a user training programme to deadline.

"Optimum were selected because they had the experience, knowledge and proven track record to deliver Fieldfisher's specific requirements."

Orla Harrell LexisOne Project Manager

Optimum’s brief was to design a detailed, role-based user training plan, develop classroom-based courses and produce all the training documentation. The materials were designed so they could be used after go-live for ongoing, business-as-usual system training.

The training programme was to include generic modules, Accounts, Billing, Data analytics, Human resources, Self-service for maintaining personal details and recording absence etc, plus productivity for secretaries and fee earners.

Optimum would hand over the lesson plans and documentation and teach Fieldfisher’s training team how to deliver the training in-house. Trainer packs were produced to support this process.

Due to the tight timeframe, a large team of consultants from Optimum was needed to carry out knowledge transfer sessions with a range of Fieldfisher workstream leads. This phase was complicated by the fact that Fieldfisher was still customising parts of its LexisOne system and not all the new business processes had been finalised. Here, Optimum used its expertise and flexibility to develop these training courses and materials working from mock-ups of screenshots populated with dummy data.

Optimum produced a wide range of training materials from quick cards for light users to much more detailed reference guides, formatted to Fieldfisher’s own template, for those power users who would be interacting with the system on a daily basis.

Both passive and interactive eLearning modules were created for remote users who attended online training sessions using Skype for Business screen-share technology. These lesson plans were developed in a modular style so the training content could be delivered in shorter sessions.

Role-specific training was given to the firm’s partners, practice business managers, fee earners, trainees, paralegals and secretaries at several locations in the UK and Europe.

Although the original plan had been for Fieldfisher to deliver all the training in-house, a shortage of capacity meant Optimum took over some sessions, including super user training for the lead secretaries. The consultancy also delivered the training at Fieldfisher’s new office in Amsterdam.

Joanne Harrison, Optimum’s sales director reflected: “This was a challenging project because of its scale and the tight timeframe. But we were able to help Fieldfisher provide effective, role-based system training to schedule and leave them with extensive training materials that can be used as their LexisOne system is rolled out and evolves.”

Orla Harrell, Fieldfisher’s LexisOne project manager, said: “Optimum were selected because they had the experience, knowledge and proven track record to deliver Fieldfisher’s specific requirements. There were so many advantages of working with a specialist training company in the early stages of the project. Optimum were able to demonstrate this and delivered what was required to a high standard. This has enabled Fieldfisher’s in house training team to adapt and develop the training documentation as the product has evolved.”

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