Training for a global footwear retailer

Training for a global footwear retailer

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

RapidScope®Planning & designing your training
Reference GuidesComprehensive end-user manuals
Trainer PacksLesson plans for consistent delivery
Quick CardsDouble-sided simple process cards
Skill the TrainerPrepare internal team for delivery
Online DeliveryVarious web-based learning options
Presentation DeliveryDemonstrations to large groups
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Project overview
  • Dynamics 365 implementation to replace a large variety of legacy systems.
  • Optimum initially delivered D365 familiarisation training to the project team.
  • Following a RapidScope, a Lead consultant embedded themselves within the project.
  • This support included how to create training materials, deliver classroom sessions and more.

When Dr. Martens, the iconic British footwear brand, was looking for an ERP training partner to support its Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, Optimum was a natural fit.

Known as Project Reboot, the company was replacing localised finance, planning, procurement and retail systems with a central ERP to support its rapid growth across Europe, America and Asia. The project included the introduction of new handheld point-of-sale terminals in its 94 stores worldwide.

Dr. Martens approached Project Reboot as an opportunity to fundamentally change the way they work rather than being primarily an IT or finance project. As a result, they wanted end users to be trained internally by selected super users, workstream leads and store managers, reasoning that they knew the system and business processes better than external personnel.

"As a project manager I would absolutely recommend Optimum as a training partner. They have fully-trained professionals who do commit and ultimately, go the extra mile."

Rob Green Project manager

There was recognition though that these staff didn’t have the skills to develop and deliver a structured, professional, role-based training programme and materials. They needed the support of a specialist training consultant with specific knowledge of Dynamics 365 ERP. So the firm approached Optimum to take on the role of lead trainer, with a consultant integrating into the internal team for four months. The approach was very much a joint partnership, working as one team and sharing skills and knowledge.

Amanda Fishburn, Dr. Martens head of change, communication and learning, said: ”They provided the expertise to capture all the training needs, help put the plans and strategy in place but ultimately it was all around a really good culture fit.”

The objective was to produce a best practice, job-specific user training programme with relevant, well targeted lessons and consistent supporting documentation. The Optimum consultant’s role was fourfold: to mentor the internal trainers; guide and advise them on the course and materials content; review and quality assess their documents; then train them to deliver in the classroom.

Optimum‘s first step was to complete its RapidScope® process, which mapped out the training courses and materials that the Dr. Martens workstream leads needed to develop. The team produced a range of documents, from quick cards for key, short processes, including in stores at the tills, through to detailed reference guides for more complex back office processes.

Fishburn noted: “We had excellent feedback from the materials that we supplied using frameworks and templates that Optimum supported us with.”

The Optimum consultant tailored the skill the trainer sessions according to the different needs of the people they were working with. The workstream leads from finance, planning and procurement knew the system’s functionality but needed guidance on how to deliver the training effectively. The retail teams were first given support in the best way to learn the new processes and then to share their knowledge.

Becky Hibbert, Dr. Martens training communications coordinator, said: “Our trainers all attended the train the trainer sessions with different levels of confidence at the start but they all left feeling much much better, with lots of tips on how to conduct their own training sessions.”

The end result of the collaboration is that Dr. Martens has built a very strong internal training capability, with lessons and materials that are being used both for new joiners to the company and as they roll out Dynamics 365 to new territories.

Dr. Martens was Optimum’s 600th business systems client and Fishburn acknowledged: “This was an incredibly well executed piece of work that put us in great shape to deliver a really successful training programme.”

Rob Green, Dr. Martens project manager for Project Reboot summarised: “I would absolutely recommend Optimum as a training partner. They have fully trained professionals, they do go the extra mile and there’s no doubt with them on board, you will deliver a successful project.”

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