Training for a British postgraduate and research-based public university

Training for a British postgraduate and research-based public university

Unit4 Business World (Agresso) ERP

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Project overview
  • New implementation of Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso) ERP system.
  • Initially engaged Optimum to create a course for 100 non-finance users for ‘buying goods and services’.
  • Also completed skill the trainer sessions with internal staff who delivered to an additional 300 staff.
  • Procurement and HR were the two key audiences.

Optimum, the IT training consultancy, was appointed by Cranfield University to train Unit4 Business World (Agresso) ERP system users at its Shrivenham campus in the UK.

Optimum’s user-focused training programme was designed to give 100 non-finance staff training on how to use the university’s Agresso business management system to buy goods and services following a major upgrade undertaken at the campus.

The role-based courses and materials were developed to give users both a broad understanding of Cranfield’s requisitioning system as a whole and to train each user specifically how to carry out their individual part of the procurement process. The Optimum programme will then be used to ‘skill the trainers’ and rolled out internally to an additional 300 users.

"The fact that it is an external authority can give the training extra credibility."

Ian Sibbald Financial controller

Ian Sibbald, financial controller at Cranfield University, said: “Optimum’s user-focused approach to training struck a chord. Business World (Agresso) is a complex system and it makes sense to tackle training from the point of view of exactly what knowledge it is that you need to impart.”

He added: “Using a professional training company adds value because new users aren’t being told by their peer group, or a finance person, or even someone within the university, how best to use the system. The fact that it is an external authority can give the training extra credibility.”

Cranfield University, which has a global reputation for postgraduate research into science, technology, engineering and management, has used Agresso as its core business management system since 2003.

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