Training for the Alberta, Canada-based public authority

Training for the Alberta, Canada-based public authority

Unit4 Business World (Agresso) ERP

RapidScope®Planning & designing your training
Reference GuidesComprehensive end-user manuals
eLearningFour interactive and passive eLearning options
Quick CardsDouble-sided simple process cards
Trainer PacksLesson plans for consistent delivery
Classroom DeliveryHands-on training sessions
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Project overview
  • New implementation of Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso) ERP.
  • Training delivery provided in the City of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
  • Modules included finance, HR and payroll, procurement, project costing and billing, and field asset management.
  • Training programme reached over 1,300 end users across the district.

City of Medicine Hat selected Optimum to support the implementation of their new Unit4 Business World (Agresso) Milestone 5 ERP system. Following a market review, Optimum were chosen as the training partner for the project due to their strong track record with Unit4 Business World (Agresso) ERP, and their success in supporting projects across North America.

City of Medicine Hat, the Gas city in Alberta, Canada, replaced Oracle JD Edwards, their existing ERP system, and a number of other legacy and paper systems with Agresso Milestone 5 in order to provide an integrated solution.

"Optimum’s cost effective, global ERP training service has proved to be a huge success in North America and that pattern continued with City of Medicine Hat."

Joanne Harrison Optimum sales director

At City of Medicine Hat, a key group of users completed a number of internal processes, and City of Medicine Hat hoped that with the implementation of a more streamlined system, they could encourage the wider end-user community across a number of workstreams to complete these processes themselves, thereby maximising their efficiency.

Optimum developed a blended learning suite of courses, and created training materials for over 1,300 end users. Training materials included two generic modules to introduce end users to the look and feel of Agresso Desktop and Agresso Web, followed by documentation tailored to end users across a number of workstreams including Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement, Project Costing and Billing, and Field Management.

Documentation included a series of reference guides for detailed, step-by-step processes and quick cards for frequently used, simple processes. This combination of deliverables allowed end users to learn the content in different ways, as well as providing continued support post implementation.

City of Medicine Hat adopted the ‘skill the trainer’ approach, whereby Optimum delivered trainer readiness programmes to internal process owners and enterprise system department liaisons, in preparation for training delivery to staff. City of Medicine Hat required a flexible train the trainer approach, so Optimum developed trainer packs that prepared process owners to conduct informal, at desk training sessions.

Owing to their extensive experience with Agresso systems, Optimum conducted knowledge transfer sessions with process owners using their remote working model to reduce travel costs, as well as providing face-to-face training delivery in City of Medicine Hat in Alberta, Canada.

Optimum’s collaborative approach helped to ensure City of Medicine Hat built up their internal training capabilities, so they could become less reliant on external training partners in the long-term.

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