Training for a research, manufacturing and distribution specialist

Training for a research, manufacturing and distribution specialist

IFS Applications 8 ERP

RapidScope®Planning & designing your training
Reference GuidesComprehensive end-user manuals
eLearningFour interactive and passive eLearning options
Quick CardsDouble-sided simple process cards
Trainer PacksLesson plans for consistent delivery
Skill the TrainerPrepare internal team for delivery
Classroom DeliveryHands-on training sessions
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Project overview
  • New implementation of IFS Applications 8 ERP system.
  • Modules included HR, projects, health and safety, CRM, manufacturing and mobile application.
  • Training delivered across UK sites to over 650 users.
  • Materials then edited by in-house Binding Site super users for further rollouts across the globe.

Binding Site, a global pharmaceutical company, has modernised its ERP system by implementing IFS Applications 8 and outsourcing its end-user training to Optimum. The manufacturer and distributer, who was formed in 2013, provides specialist diagnostic products to clinicians and laboratory professionals worldwide.

The introduction of IFS to the company did not simply mean adopting a new technology, but also an innovative way of working, with new processes and more interaction across departments. The user community experienced significant change, and therefore, an effective and positive end-user training programme was critical to the project’s success.

"The team that came in were very knowledgeable about developing the training material and quickly understood our processes, and how we wanted to deliver training to the whole workforce."

Ian Rocky Head of IT

With this in mind, Binding Site were keen to minimise disruption by getting the implementation and training right from the start. After a careful thorough process, Optimum was selected as the ERP training partner to support Binding Site’s new solution, and their training programme was rolled out across the UK to approximately 650 staff members.

“The Optimum trainers, who worked with us on this project, were marvellous. As soon as they stepped through the door it felt like they had been working with us for years. They were so perceptive to what we needed. They were engaged. It felt like they were just as passionate about getting this project to its final conclusion as we were.” says Donna Biddulph, Learning and Development Manager.

The client wanted a smart and cost-effective approach to training development, so Optimum proposed a generic template approach whereby content was developed once for each workstream in readiness for the UK go live.

“The team that came in were very knowledgeable about developing the training material and quickly understood our processes, and how we wanted to deliver training to the whole workforce,” said Ian Rocky, Head of IT.

Optimum created bespoke deliverables for various workstreams including Finance, HR, Projects, Health and Safety, CRM, Manufacturing, and Mobile Applications. A blend of training methods was agreed upon following the completion of the initial RapidScope® planning phase, including reference guides, interactive and passive eLearning, quick cards, trainer packs, skill the trainer and classroom delivery.

“Optimum was brilliant at helping us understand which material could be converted in to a quick card that our employees could use at their desks,” said Donna.

Consolidation exercises and quizzes were developed with real-life scenarios to help the delegates learn in the classroom sessions. These were very popular with the sales audiences who enjoyed the competitive aspect of the games. “The delegate feedback was excellent across the board,” says Rachel Abbott, Learning and Development IFS Specialist. “The primary benefit, in outsourcing our end-user training, is that our end users received a professional and well-structured training program.”

Binding Site regards last year’s roll-out of IFS across their UK workforce, to be a great success. “The feedback we got, on the quality of the training and the way it was handled and approached, was so positive that we haven’t changed a thing when it comes to the global roll-out,” said Donna.

“I would recommend Optimum because of the relationships they built with us as a team and with our employees and project team – and that made our training programme a huge success!” said Rachel.

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