Training for an international fragrance manufacturer

Training for an international fragrance manufacturer

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

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Project overview
  • New implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ERP system.
  • Delivery key user training to core project staff prior to implementation phase in order to understand the capabilities of the system.
  • Optimum then created a reference guide which will soon be used as a template for the remaining guides to be produced for the 17 different locations.

When CPL Aromas, an international fragrance manufacturer, decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, they recognised a need to provide some concise familiarisation training to enable their key users to confidently understand the systems navigation, capabilities and processes.

CPL turned to Optimum, the IT training consultancy, to deliver an introductory course to Dynamics AX 2012 before the system build would be finalised.

Following a previously conducted system analysis, senior management at CPL Aromas wanted a team of core users to perform an intensive review of the suggested features and enhancements, so that they could fully assess the requirements and justify the outgoing costs.

"The trainer possessed a very broad knowledge of Dynamics AX and great presentation skills; in my experience a combination of the two is a rarity."

James Monilaws ERP system project manager

This meant that the selected key users, without any real experience in Dynamics AX, needed to quickly acquire the knowledge and skills to individually work through all the end-to-end processes which were relevant to the business.

In reflection upon why Optimum were chosen to support the training requirements, James Monilaws, ERP system project manager at CPL Aromas states: “They were the only consultancy that were able to meet the requirements in a short space of time, since they already had knowledgeable Dynamics AX 2012 trainers and supporting materials. Optimum also provided a tailored solution, meaning that even at an introductory, pre-system build level the key users were able to fully cover the core elements that were relevant to the nature of the business.”

The proof in the success of the training was that the core users were then able to confidently, and with little assistance, identify required system features and create items during the following implementation meetings.

Furthermore, the training allowed these users to fully comprehend how and why the system worked, meaning they could actively participate in the development. Engaging users early on in the project means they no longer see the system as something they are on the periphery of, which in the long run facilitates buy-in and maximises system effectiveness.

Speaking specifically about Optimum’s training consultant, Monilaws reflected: “The trainer possessed a very broad knowledge of Dynamics AX and great presentation skills; in my experience a combination of the two is a rarity. The trainer also had a lot of real business experience which really enhanced the training course.”

In addition to the familiarisation course, Optimum created a Dynamics AX 2012 reference guide that is already being used as a reference tool by CPL’s international sites and serves as a foundation for the future training materials. CPL Aromas has 17 worldwide locations including the UK, Hong Kong, Dubai, USA, Columbia and several European offices, all of which will require end-user training after the system build has been finalised.

Finally, Monilaws commented: “Optimum’s familiarisation training course was an additional spend activity proven to be very worthwhile.”

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