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The set course topics are listed below, but we're also happy to tailor course content specifically for your requirements.

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Our Microsoft Project courses

Our Microsoft Project courses are broken down into flexible chunks, as outlined in the tabs below. These courses are offered on a closed-basis for your employees only, enabling us to tailor the content to your requirements.

They're held at a time and date to suit your needs, in any location of your choice.

This is for new Project users.


This hands-on course is for new users of Microsoft Project who want to be able to use it to manage projects effectively.


1 Day


You need to have basic Windows skills, including opening and saving, copying and moving information, and working with a keyboard and mouse; some knowledge of project management techniques, such as critical path method (CPM), is helpful, but not essential.


  • Use Project to schedule, monitor and communicate details of a project
  • Create a new project, defining scheduling and calendar options for the project
  • Define tasks, timing and work breakdown structure
  • Determine relationships between tasks
  • Assign resources to tasks
    Build reports.


Project management fundamentals:
Defining a project and project management; understanding the project lifecycle and aspects of the project triangle; review of key project management terms.

Getting started:
An overview of scheduling techniques including critical path method, Gantt charts and network diagrams; navigating the Project environment; different views of your project; using pre-made templates or importing info from Excel.

Using manual or auto schedule; setting a start date and a schedule from setting; defining different working times and adding holidays and non-working time.

Tasks, timings and work breakdown structure:
Using task information; defining milestones and deadlines; understanding duration and elapsed time; working with constraints or deadlines; adding, changing and deleting tasks; creating an outline structure using summary tasks; reviewing the work breakdown; adding a project summary task; adjusting time scales.

Task relationships:
Adding tasks to the timeline. Links and dependencies between tasks; setting lag and lead times; task constraints; tracing task paths and viewing the critical path.

Managing resources:
Understanding resource driven or effort driven scheduling; assigning resources to tasks; multiple resource assignments; dealing with resource conflicts; leveling resources.

Monitoring and reporting:
Saving and viewing a baseline; filtering data; building graphical reports; creating a Burn Down report; formatting reports; copying a report into a presentation.


This is for more experienced Project users.


This hands-on course is for experienced users of Microsoft Project who want to enhance their expertise.


1 Day


To make the most of this course, participants need some experience of Microsoft Project, including: entering tasks, assigning resources to tasks and printing reports and views. Although not a formality, participants should be familiar with most of the topics covered in Optimum’s Microsoft Project Level 1 course.


  • Identify and fix problems in your schedule
  • Manage the project as it progresses, tracking work in progress and managing conflicts
  • Work with costs and budgets
  • Combine multiple projects and consolidate resources
  • Collaborate with team members, other project managers or project sponsors
  • Share project information with other programs, such as Excel or Access
  • Customise Project to match your way of working.


Review resource management:
Resource driven or effort driven scheduling; using a resource calendar; assigning resources to tasks; resource costs, accrued costs and fixed costs; identifying and resolving resource conflicts and over-allocation.

Working with costs:
Applying costs to resources; assigning different rates to a resource; adding fixed costs; assessing costs; views to help with costs; using Excel links; creating and tracking resource budgets.

Tracking and updating the schedule:
Understanding tracking techniques, using the Tracking toolbar; adding the actual times and costs; updating tasks and updating the project; adding progress bars; working with baselines; comparing baselines with actual data; making the most of tracking views and tables.

Sharing resources and resolving conflicts; creating a resource pool; attaching a project to a resource pool; monitoring all resource assignments; combining projects quickly; keeping information up-to-date; updating working times; opening a sharer file and updating the resource pool; creating dependency between projects. Exporting information to Excel and Access; copying and pasting information; opening or saving other file formats.

Customising Project:
Creating a custom view or a custom table; customising graphical reports; creating and using a Project template; customising the Global template; personalising toolbars and menus; recording and running a macro.



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