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Training for Ireland's second largest airline.

Training for Ireland's second largest airline.

Advanced eProcurement

RapidScope®Planning & designing your training
eLearningInteractive, passive & concept eLearning
Online SolutionsVarious web-based learning options
PresentationsDemonstrations to large groups
Project overview
  • Upgrade to Advanced eProcurement system.
  • Aer Lingus opted for eLearning modules to be created, replacing their need for hard-copy manuals.
  • Optimum then created trainer packs for the delivery of each set of eLearning modules.
  • Modules consisted of a tutor demo, learners trying it out for themselves and then working through an exercise.

Optimum, the IT training consultancy which specialises in end-user training, has developed a new eLearning training method for Aer Lingus following an upgrade of the airline’s financial management system with integrated eProcurement from Advanced Business Solutions. The facilitated eLearning modules will replace the need for hard copy user manuals and will also serve as longer term user support materials.

Unlike standard eLearning where users work through training modules in their own time, facilitated eLearning means that staff will work in small groups using eLearning techniques in a classroom situation with an Aer Lingus P2P Project Team trainer to guide them and monitor their progress.

The consultancy has written and produced WebEx sessions for around 40 modules which show, in detail, the processes involved in requisitioning, authorising, receipting and buying goods and services for the airline from third party suppliers. The eLearning material includes demonstrations and interactive lessons that are designed to ensure that learning takes place and is tested immediately.


"Feedback from trainees has been excellent and demonstrates how well-received the eLearning has been."

John Greene Finance Systems Manager

Optimum has also produced lesson plan outlines to provide the Aer Lingus trainers with a guide to each exercise so they can check the group’s progress before they move on to the next module.

John Greene, Aer Lingus’ Finance Systems manager, said: “The facilitated eLearning is very effective. Our trainers can react to the learners’ rate of progress and check that all modules are covered.”

The latest version of Advanced Business Solutions’ finance system was rolled out across the airline over a period of a few months. An Aer Lingus trainer first gave procurement staff an Optimum-produced presentation on the background to the project, the benefits to users and the company, and the processes that each group needed to learn. Each module was then broken down into a tutor demonstration, a section for the learners to try it out for themselves, then the opportunity to work through a different exercise.

Each of the WebEx sessions is now available on Aer Lingus’ network and are designed for users to refresh their knowledge by simply selecting a process and going straight into it. To futureproof the materials for new joiners the WebEx tutorials contain no reference to the introductory presentation or to the system being new, so that it will always feel fresh and relevant to people joining the company.

Greene added: “We felt this style of eLearning was very effective for the company and can easily be added to, should we enhance the way we use the system. Feedback from trainees has been excellent and demonstrates how well-received the eLearning has been.”

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