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Upgrade for Unit4 Agresso training as well as the system


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Victim Support, the oldest and largest organisation in the world dedicated to helping victims of crime and witnesses, has backed the user-focused-training approach of specialist IT training consultancy, Optimum.

The firm designed and delivered tailored, role-based training courses for the charity’s finance and HR managers on its new integrated Unit4 Business World (Agresso) ERP system. The project included developing a complete set of supporting documentation, including a full reference guide for users. Customising the training programmes to meet the specific needs of Victim Support was complicated by the implementation project being part of a merger of 80 separate charities into a single national organisation.

That meant the IT training had to be designed around a new structure, with new staff and a new set of business processes, some of which hadn’t been finalised at that stage.

Peter Lay, the systems project consultant at Victim Support, said: “We needed to outsource the training to professionals because we didn’t have the resources, time or skills internally.”

He continued: “The Optimum consultants were involved from an early stage and had to be very flexible because the new organisation was still being created. Trying to go live with standard training on the new system would have been disastrous, whereas Optimum picked up specifically on our system configuration and our business practices and designed the user training to fit.”

Optimum’s training documentation has provided Victim Support with a solid basis for both new user and refresher training. The flexibility of the material has also allowed the charity to adapt parts in line with changes in business processes as the new organisational structure has been introduced.

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