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The Waterman Group

eLearning optimises Waterman Group training


Engineering and Manufacturing


Unit4 Business World (Agresso)


UK, Europe

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The Waterman Group, one of the UK’s largest engineering consultancies, is introducing eLearning as the most cost and time efficient way of training new users on its UNIT4 Agresso financial and project management system.

Waterman has developed the Intranet-based training programme with the IT training consultancy, Optimum. This latest phase in a two year relationship with Optimum reflects the group’s evolving training needs as it rolls out its finance system across all of its global divisions.

Arup Mukherjee, Waterman’s project manager, noted: “eLearning will be critical for us. Delivering interactive training over the group’s intranet will mean our core staff receive high quality, professional training in the most cost effective and time efficient way possible.”

The Optimum designed modular sessions for ‘use-on-demand at desk’ will be accessed by several hundred users via Adobe Captivate e-learning software. Optimum is also training a number of the Waterman team on the software itself so that the group can roll out its finance training remotely to new users on an ongoing basis. This will enable them to amend and update the eLearning content in-house to support their future requirements.

The contract with Waterman illustrates the efficiency benefits that using a specialist training consultancy can bring. The ability to be flexible, pragmatic and to tailor training to the client’s precise needs are paramount.

Optimum began its work with Waterman by delivering face-to-face classroom training for project managers and administration staff in the civil engineering division. It also developed a full range of training materials including ‘back-at-desk’ help tools such as reference guides and quick cards for post go-live support, which Waterman made available on its intranet for a wider end-user base.

Feedback from phase one led to Optimum adapting its delivery for the next phase of the finance system roll-out to the energy and environmental division by taking the training materials and conducting a series of round the UK roadshows in Waterman’s regional offices.

This approach enabled many more users to be trained and in greater detail, resulting in fewer calls to the help desk post go-live. In addition, Optimum designed a short presentation for Waterman’s own team to train users based in the group’s smallest locations.

David Blake, Optimum’s project manager for the Waterman Group, said: “This is a prime example of how a specialist training consultancy can deliver real added-value by designing, delivering and then adapting its programmes to meet the client’s changing needs.”

He added: “Not investing in training can mean that a company doesn’t get the full benefits it was expecting from a major investment in a core new business system. If users don’t know how to use the system they will find workarounds, so the hoped-for efficiencies to be had, from electronic workflow for example, can be lost.”

The Waterman Group’s Arup Mukherjee said: “It’s been very successful. Using Optimum has ensured that we have given professional training to a very high standard to the right people. The training materials have been used extensively across the board and the quick cards on group-wide requirements such as timesheet and expenses entry have been particularly effective.”

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