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Microsoft SharePoint

Our Microsoft SharePoint training courses will give beginners the perfect introduction, while also teaching SharePoint experts a thing or two.


Training methods available:

Training available for Microsoft SharePoint versions:
2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.


Optimum has been offering Microsoft SharePoint training from our central London training facility for nearly 20 years – training a variety of different roles in the effective use of the SharePoint software system.

This certified training is broken down into two different courses:

  • a 2-day course for modifying exisitng sites, creating new site users and adminstrators of SharePoint
  • a 1-day course for setting up SharePoint team sites

We offer these courses on a closed-course basis. This means we will tailor the content to your specific Microsoft SharePoint release and deliver it at a location and time to best suit your staff. Alternatively, we are more than happy to host you at our London training centre.

As well as the above set courses, Optimum also offer complete implementation or upgrade training for all document management software – including Microsoft SharePoint. For more information on all our document management software training click here.


SharePoint Administrators


This course is designed for users and administrators of SharePoint sites who are responsible for using, managing and developing a professional and user friendly SharePoint environment. You will focus on working with, and modifying, existing sites and creating new sites for yourself and other users.


2 Day


You need to be able to use a mouse and keyboard, and to be confident navigating the Web and Windows.


  • Describe ways SharePoint can enhance collaboration and increase effective working
  • Define and implement a secure permissions structure
  • Navigate different kinds of sites including team sites, document and meeting workspaces
  • Customise SharePoint sites to make information easy to find for users of your site
  • Add documents, check documents in / out and create version history for document
  • Work with lists and calendars


SharePoint Sites – a different way of working:
Navigating home page and sub-sites; modifying sites; creating announcements, tasks, contacts and links; setting alerts to notify you when changes are made to a site; customising sites and searching for information

Creating and modifying SharePoint sub-sites:
Configuring site creation; how to effectively add items to sites, including document libraries and lists; modifying the content of a home page; applying themes from the site gallery; creating site templates

Working with documents and document libraries:
Overview of document libraries; sharing a document with team members; creating a document workspace; reviewing documents in a workspace; uploading a document; creating folders; checking documents out/in; viewing previous versions of the document and rolling back changes, using content management to add templates to your library

Creating a SharePoint list:
Using lists; sorting and filtering to view information; offering alternative views; generating user defined fields, importing a worksheet as a list, using Site Columns for efficiency, using the ‘Wiki Page as Front Page’ site feature

Creating, using and collating site surveys

Site administration tasks:
Managing users and permissions; managing site groups; how to manage template galleries; performing a site analysis; reporting on usage

Creating a personal web site:
Using SharePoint to create a MySite area, modifying both private and public views, using tags

Setting up SharePoint Team Sites


This course is intended for SharePoint users who will be setting up and using team sites for collaboration purposes.


1 Day


Although there are no strict requirements for the course, participants need to be able to navigate the Internet, open and close pages, and follow links.


  • Understand the basics of SharePoint navigation
  • Create and modify new team sites
  • Create, use and modify SharePoint components, such as document libraries and lists
  • Add, modify and delete data from SharePoint components and integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Office
  • Customise SharePoint sites to make information easy to find for users of your site.


Introduction to the environment:
Introducing SharePoint; structure of sites; navigation around a site.

Creating and configuring new team-sites:
Creating new team sites; using and modifying team site components – document libraries, announcements, calendar, tasks, links, team discussions; modifying the content of a home page.

Working with lists:
Introducing all types of lists; adding, modifying and deleting content in lists; understanding effects of modifying data; sorting and filtering; understanding views – default and other views; importing and exporting to Excel.

Working with document libraries:
Understanding document libraries; creating folders in document libraries; creating new documents; uploading documents (single and multiple uploads); viewing and editing documents; managing document properties; checking documents out and in; deleting documents; understanding versions of documents.

SharePoint and email:
Using alerts; linking to documents, sites and lists; copying URLs and adding to emails.

SharePoint and Office:
Opening files from SharePoint in Microsoft Office; opening files from within Office and connecting to SharePoint; setting up shortcuts to SharePoint; using the shared workspace task pane.

Searching for documents and content.

Site administration tasks:
Managing users and permissions; managing site groups.