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Civica Financials End-User Training

Optimum offer training solutions to a wide range of financial management systems, including Civica Financials, an integrated software suite for core accounting and administration. Designed specifically for the public sector, this software is used by over 100 organisations across the UK.

Introduction to Civica Financials Training

The best way to gain user buy-in and achieve full user adoption is to provide a programme of training which is developed on your customised Civica Financials build. This training should be delivered at the right time, in a way which is easily understood and supported by clear training materials.

If you make your training too system-centric, too broad or too technical, you’ll have lost a key opportunity to gain early user ‘buy-in’ from your staff.

Designing, developing and delivering bespoke financial management information system (FMIS) end-user training programmes which incorporate the business processes is a specialist skill – a skill which Optimum possess. Outsourcing this training will then allow your project team to concentrate on the various other go-live tasks.

These training solutions are available for the following Civica Financials modules: General Ledger, Creditors, Procurement P2P, Financial Asset Management, Debtors Ledger, Management Information and Cash Management. For these, we can produce a variety of customised training solutions including reference guides, eLearning, quick cards, post go-live floor-walking and classroom delivery.

Bespoke End-User Civica Financials Training

Optimum work in partnership with our clients to develop bespoke end user training programmes which help ensure full user adoption is achieved, and that the business benefits envisaged when the programme began are realised.

We develop training programmes that reflect the user’s perspective, analysing the degree of change and incorporating the business processes and workflows for each role group.

We offer a range of training services to support the whole lifecycle of the end user training phase, ensuring your project team can focus on the core project at a crucial stage. Every Civica Financials project is different and so our approach is unique to you. We can either provide a fully managed training solution or fill the skills gaps in your internal team.

Training solutions include:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Planning & design of the training programmes
  • Development of bespoke user reference guides quick cards, eLearning & video tutorials
  • Delivery in the form of classroom, presentation, eLearning & remote classroom sessions
  • Administration of the training programme
  • Localisation and translation services
  • Post go-live business as usual (BAU) training solutions

Civica Financials Internal Training Programme

Many organisations plan to manage the end user training programme using internal resources, as this is often seen as an inexpensive way to train staff. However, this can be a high risk and costly option if it is not planned correctly.

Using a combination of internal super users and a specialist training consultancy such as Optimum, can often provide a very successful outcome.

Optimum can ensure your identified super users / trainers have focused and scripted supporting documentation to enable them to cascade an effective financial management information systems (FMIS) training programme to your staff at go-live. We can also develop a bespoke internal training programme for your identified super users / trainers, ensuring they are confident and fully equipped to support during go-live and business as usual.


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