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Our People

We have a large group of permanently-employed trainers, which provides our clients with an unrivaled flexible service. Our back-office team consists of project managers, client engagement managers and training administrators, as well as sales and marketing support, all of which work together to complete our Learning & Performance Institute accredited training offering.

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Aisha is an Operations Manager responsible for overseeing the larger projects that we work on, often running the most complex. She works in the back office and is excellent at multi-tasking and communicating with the team.

Her role involves managing the expectations of those involved in the projects and proactively managing change and risk to maximise the smooth running of the work Optimum undertakes. For many she is the first point of contact and a reassuring voice on the phone.


Amy has a background in Pharmacology, having studied at Kings College for 4 years, while the world of science gave her many transferable skills it also showed her she was a more of a people person. Amy now applies her ability to analyse large amounts of data and present relevant information in a clear and concise manner to IT systems and training material. She is a detailed and precise communicator able to quickly understand what information needs to be conveyed and documents it effectively.

Amy has experience within finance and procurement on a variety of ERP systems and is always keen to see what it transferable and what she can learn and take from one project to the next.


Before coming to Optimum Anthony completed a degree in Business Management and learnt key training skills in the NHS working on a variety of business systems. At Optimum he has worked on ERP software and developed a much broader range of training skills, process knowledge and document design capabilities.

Working on a variety of ERP software such as Unit4 Business World, Integra and Microsoft Dynamics has given him experience in finance, procurement and other workstreams making him a versatile and effective instructional designer.


Corrina has worked for Optimum since 2000 having progressed through the organisation to Director of Operations. Her role involves recruiting and building the Optimum team and acting as Project Sponsor.

She maintains a hands-on approach and is responsible for coordinating the resource planning across all the projects and bookings. In addition she oversees the commercial aspects of the work Optimum engages in and drives the business planning.


David is a long standing member of the Optimum team. Having started out as a teacher he redirected his talents to the corporate sphere over a decade ago and has provided high quality training ever since.

For several years David has worked as an integral part of the training and support team at the management consultants McKinsey & Co, delivering sessions as part of their remote learning program as well as face to face.


Elizabeth has a wealth of experience in instructional design, scripting and building eLearning, as well as delivering classroom and virtual classroom training across a wide range of software and industries. Elizabeth specialises in HR and Finance systems, but is also experienced in developing training for ERP and CRM systems. Elizabeth has been an Optimum Training Consultant since 2007 after a career managing customer training for a major HR systems provider.


Emma came to training consultancy after working in France for a year teaching English within the aeronautics industry. Realising how much she enjoyed the process of teaching people she looks for ways to motivate and engage users in their learning journey.

She has learnt some basic coding and likes seeing how technology is adopted in different ways. Emma has worked with Microsoft Dynamics and Unit4 Business World so is comfortable developing reference guides, quick cards, trainer packs and eLearning on a variety of systems and processes.


After completing her Masters in Edinburgh Emmylou relocated to London after working in project based organisations both in the UK and overseas. She has both consultative and teaching experience which has given her a firm foundation to build upon with her work at Optimum. Emmylou is sharp minded and great at time management so is able to juggle the completing elements of project work to that all are successfully delivered.

Working on HR, procurement and finance elements of ERPs such as Microsoft Dynamics and Unit4 Business World (Agresso) gives her the opportunity to develop materials and share knowledge across a variety of sectors and organisations.


Geof leads finance, reporting and technical training courses. He develops materials and courses as well as classroom delivery in a diversity of sectors including banking, government, retail, media, energy, insurance and engineering.

He runs project team workshops generating discussions on how systems can be used and what routes clients might take in the design phase. Geof has been an Optimum consultant since 2005 and is a member of the Learning and Performance Institute.


Harry studied in York where he gained his Master’s degree in Chemistry and worked as a teaching assistant. During his time in York he developed strong analytical skills, an eye for detail and precision and further developed his curiosity. These attributes make him a keen consultant, always interested in how and why things are being done.

This enables him to create training materials that are comprehensive and include all the actions and processes an end user will undertake. Harry likes to share his knowledge whether in written materials or in the classroom. His work on U4BW, Microsoft Dynamics, IFS and other business systems has enabled him to do this.


Jen is part of our back office team and works with Optimum on a part time basis while she completes her PhD. She manages the office and ensures everything is running smoothly as well as under taking the quality assurance of materials at Optimum. She proof reads many of the documents produced before they go out to clients to make certain only our best work is released.


Joanne has worked for Optimum since it was established back in 1998 and has progressed through the organisation to Director of Sales. She has overall responsibility for business development and leading the growth of the company.

Her role is to expand the value proposition to our clients and target markets, identify new markets, implement strategic partnerships and build valuable relationships with existing clients and system partners.


Jodie has a hybrid role at the company which reflects our commitment to evolving people’s roles alongside their skills and interests. As a long standing member of the team she has developed two specialisms: eLearning development and finance.

She is one of our leading builders of eLearning modules due to her excellent technical knowledge of current eLearning software. Wearing her other hat she manages invoicing, payments and general financial accounting for Optimum.


Jordan gained his first experience of teaching while in South Korea where he taught English while he studied for a year. This gave him an insight into how skillful it is to impart knowledge in a way that can make something which appears complex quite simple and accessible.

He recognised these skills are transferable to systems training and hasn’t looked back. Jordan now develops and delivers a variety of training solutions.


Keri joined the Optimum Sales & Marketing team in 2009 and is responsible for lead generation and researching new markets. She has 15 years experience in commercial sales and account management, and her role involves working closely with external suppliers to implement new and manage existing sources of lead generation.

She also works closely with our Marketing Manager to identify targeted industry sector campaigns, conferences and events.


Lawrence has been able to apply the theoretical concepts he learnt in his Finance and Accounting degree to the work he does developing materials on ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle JD Edwards.

Lawrence has worked in a variety of sectors including energy, construction, manufacturing and education, creating training materials for classroom sessions, presentations, internal training teams and eLearning. His training delivery is very well received as he has a very open manner.


Leeya completed her Masters at Manchester Business School and has a keen interest in understanding why we think and act as we do. By considering the source of people’s thoughts and actions she is able to work more effectively on creating solutions that enable users to apply themselves in new ways. Leeya is a people person will strong communication skills, always looking give people the understanding they need to thrive.

Leeya has worked on ERPs focussing on the Sales, Logistics and Procurement workstreams creating a range of user focussed training materials.


Holding dual citizenship, Libby has built her career on both sides of the Atlantic. She’s an experienced system tester, having created test scripts and conditions, captured results and overseen user acceptance testing. She has a clear understanding of the project lifecycle and the value of good training to support implementations.

She’s worked in a variety of sectors on systems such as Oracle JD Edwards, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, creating materials on a variety of workstreams. She has a mature, consultative and analytical approach that guides her through her work.


Having achieved a First in her degree in International Management Lowri has been able to assimilate her theoretical understanding of business to the real world scenarios she encounters working for Optimum’s clients.

This has enabled her to excel in developing and training out modules in the finance and manufacturing workstreams in a variety of systems such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle JD Edwards and others. Lowri has also spent a year in Melbourne furthering her understanding of business in Asia and China and as such global economics. Lowri is a focussed and capable member of the team and an asset to any project.


Mark is a long standing member of the Optimum team, specialising in the development and delivery of advanced Microsoft Office training. As well as this, he is part of the Optimum training and support team for McKinsey & Co and delivers training both face-to-face and via WebEx as part of their global team.

Mark has particular strengths in advanced Microsoft Excel courses such as VBA and data modelling, as well as providing consultancy on complex Microsoft Excel and Access topics.


As the Director of Training and Development, Nicky’s role encompasses Trainer Management and the development of the strategic training solutions Optimum can offer. After 17 years as a trainer she has a wealth of information at her fingertips.

She scopes complex requirements and devises training plans to roll-out end user training, predominantly in bespoke business systems. She is able to analyse large organisations and user groups presenting the information back to clients in a comprehensive and clear manner.


Olivia is a pragmatic, outcome focused consultant who creates training materials that drive change and improve user’s confidence. After completing her degree at Durham University she went directly into training, initially working with the public sector upskilling workers on a variety of mobile devices before coming to work with Optimum.

Olivia thrives as a consultant, understanding the business, operational and system requirements that training needs to include and builds it into her materials. She’s experienced with ERP systems such as SAP, Unit4 Business World and Oracle JD Edwards, creating the full breadth of training materials.


Ollie has a background in Accounts which is an asset when working on the finance elements of ERP systems. He’s quick to apply his knowledge and experience to new situations and is very capable at learning new things, a real asset when working in the progressive world of IT.

Ollie is able to work with complex systems and scenarios while ensuing his outputs are pitched at the right level for the end user to connect with. He’s worked on various modules within systems such as Unit4 Business World (formerly known as Agresso), Microsoft Dynamics, IFS and successfully delivers whatever he’s tasked with.


Rebecca joined the Optimum Sales team in 2012. With over 15 years experience in commercial sales and account management, she was recruited to help expand our ERP training division.

Her role is to manage prospects and existing clients by helping to develop suitable training solutions which ultimately ensure customers make the most of their system investments. She is also responsible for negotiating business agreements and building valuable relationships with new and existing clients.


Shy is a diligent and serious learner, keen on applying her understanding to the work she does. She has much international exposure gained through both professional and academic environments. These include teaching in Hong Kong as well as data collection and analysis in Israel.

Shy has worked on finance, procurement and HR workstreams in a selection of ERPs creating learning material such as reference guides, quick cards, trainer packs and eLearning. She succeeds because she is good at questioning, listening and processing information.


Simone has been an Optimum Training Consultant since 2011. This longevity with the company along with her degree in Information and Systems Management gives her the knowledge and experience to effectively lead project teams, develop training strategies for clients and scope complex training programs.

She is an integral part of the Optimum team developing materials and courses, including interactive and passive eLearning for bespoke business and ERP systems as well as delivering in a diversity of sectors including manufacturing, health, not for profit, energy, retail and engineering.


Stewart is the Marketing Manager and therefore responsible for any form of communication which the business distributes. In his time with Optimum he has managed a variety of projects such as a rebrand of the corporate image, the launch of this new website and a strategic review of the marketing plan.

Other responsibilities include PR, advertising, brand development, events and the constant improvement of our customer experience. Stewart is also a qualified member of the CIM.


Tanya is a business systems and Microsoft Office trainer at Optimum. She is a Microsoft certified trainer with over 12 years of experience in course design and delivery. She has extensive experience of delivering classroom and virtual training in corporate firms including the banking, retail and insurance sectors.

Tanya also works on Microsoft Dynamics AX as well as UNIT4 Agresso, training everyone from new graduates to senior management. She has a very professional manner instilling confidence in those she works with.


Tom has been developing and delivering training for the best part of a decade. He is very skilled at quickly learning the processes businesses are following and understanding how they will be carried out on a new system.

This grasp on the synergy between people, process and technology is a constant element in the work Tom does in developing bespoke ERP training materials. He is able to create engaging online learning as well as more traditional teaching materials.